New @mbukmagazine is out! Really enjoyed working on this one. Big thanks to the guys at MBUK for doing an awesome job and @danseversonphoto for spending the time with me on the photos and story to make it what I wanted. Great group effort all around. Check it out! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ #MBUK She bad πŸ”₯ #ytindustries #jeffsy29 #ridefox #onzatires #e13_components #trpbrakes #htpedals #odigrips #renthalcycling #sdgcomponents πŸ“· @danseversonphoto Measurin the girls for my new @davidaugustclothing suit. Sizing up for a new custom suit and sport coat at @davidaugustclothing. Thanks for the love Lucas, stoked to pick it up in a few weeks! #bigdreams Riding tip! Here's a few things to observe and consider when descending steep and/or rocky sections under hard braking. First, elbow positioning. You can see that my elbows are in line with my chest, maintaining the strongest position possible, not too high or too low. -Second, weight the outside of your legs (think slightly pushing your weight through the outside of your legs "outer quad" as opposed to the inside). This will naturally push your knees out the right amount and give you the stability to absorb bumps, drops, etc. -Third, back positioning, which is actually achieved through the mobility in your hips. If you have the mobility to hinge deeper through your hips instead of rounding through your back, your back can stay straight and strong, not hunched over or arched up. The mobility or lack of mobility in your hips will dictate how low you can get on the bike without rounding your back or tucking your butt (I work on increasing my hip mobility in the gym, think deep squat posi The champ champ!!.. and his Wonder Bread! πŸžπŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ Here's a crazy flashback to 1995ish when I was racing for @danscompinstagram as an 8 expert, I think this national was in Arizona. My parents drove me all over the country in this single cab truck, they sat up front, me and the dog held down the back.. We were an unstoppable force πŸ˜†πŸ’ͺ🏼 Big part of my skill building came from these days! #bmx #cashinchecksandsnappinlittlenecks #thathairtho #lilswag Check out @vitalmtb for a full comparison of my two @yt_industries training weapons! Which one do you guys like better? #CapravsJeffsy #29vs650 What do you guys think of the new @yt_industries 2017 range of bikes? I've got one of these 'liquid metal' color bikes in my garage right now and I gotta say, they look even better in personπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ #ytindustries #yttues #alpinestarsprotects #ridefox #onzatires #redbull #GoPro #giroshoes #smithoptics #e13_components #trpbrakes #htpedals #odigrips #renthalcycling #sdgcomponents Shooting photos for @mbukmagazine a few weeks ago. The story turned out awesome, look for it on shelves soon! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ“Έ@danseversonphoto #ytcapra
9/4/16 UCI MTB World Cup - XCO - DHI Elite Men 55th
8/7/16 UCI MTB World Cup - XCO - DHI Elite Men 2nd
7/17/16 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships Pro Men 1st
7/10/16 UCI MTB World Cup - XCO - DHI Elite Men 2nd
6/12/16 UCI MTB World Cup - DHI Elite Men 1st
6/5/16 UCI MTB World Cup - DHI Elite Men 2nd
5/29/16 Mountain Creek Spring Classic DH Men Progrt Pro 1st
5/29/16 USA Pro Mountain Bike Gravity Tour GRT - Mountain Creek Spring Classic Pro Men 1st
4/24/16 UCI MTB World Cup - XCO - DHI Elite Men 4th
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